Improve function: set up and organize home offices, family command centers, and other spaces in the house.

Closet makeovers

Pantry resets

Storage solutions: curate and display mementos, collections and kids' artwork.


Simplify: declutter, edit furniture and accessories, and improve layout.

Update: choose new paint colors and carefully select furniture or accessories to complement existing furnishings and reflect your style.

Kitchen island


Pre-move decluttering: get your house ready to sell and make moving out easier.

Staging consultations

Unpacking: organize and set up belongings in your new house.

full corner after 1 cropped


Rates: $75/hour or prepaid packages:
12 hours $800 (10% discount)
24 hours $1500 (15% discount)
36 hours $2100 (20% discount)

Closet makeovers
Flat rates start at $250

Organizing + design plans
DIY organizing plan $75 and up per space
Room design plan $250 and up per room
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Staging Consultations
Rates: $75 and up

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