From organizing your junk drawer to refreshing your whole house, we edit and refine your surroundings to help reduce stress, improve function and get your home set up to run beautifully. We specialize in creating streamlined, sophisticated, organized interiors through our personalized services, attention to detail and an emphasis on quality over quantity.


Kitchens + pantries
Living spaces
Bedrooms + bathrooms
Kid spaces
Laundry + garages
Home offices

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Room to whole house makeovers
Streamline + declutter
Improve room layout + function
Curate + display collections
Select new furniture + accessories to complement existing decor
New: Office makeovers + design

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Decluttering + organizing
Unpack + organize new home
Organize closets, cabinets and drawers
Set up + style rooms in new home
Unpack + organize after remodeling

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Free initial in-home consultation
Hourly rate
$75/hour or prepaid packages:
12 hours $850
24 hours $1600
36 hours $2300

Flat rate projects
Pantry makeovers: $150 and up
Closet makeovers: $250 and up
DIY organizing plans: $75 and up per space
E-design: $250 and up per room (more info here)
Written staging consultations $150 and up

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Client Testimonials

Love the "new" office - thanks Tara! So much more organized and such a clean feel - much more productive!


Tara organized my closet and it has made an incredible difference in my life.  I was hesitant to have somebody help me organize because I didn't want to feel pressured to throw things out.  I also didn't want anybody to see what a mess my closet was!  Tara did not pressure me at all, and she patiently talked me through items that I was not sure about.  It was so much easier than I imagined  it would be.  She was so easy to work with, and there was  absolutely no judgment from her.  She is kind, warm and she has such a calming presence.   It felt so good to sell and donate years of accumulated things I haven't needed.  Now I am so happy every time I look at my closet!   It has saved me so much time getting ready in the morning!

Tara also helped me organize my pantry.  I am actually cooking more now because it's so much easier and faster since I know exactly where everything is. Tara works quickly and charges a fair price.  She clearly loves her job and is so passionate about her work.  She is so creative and has such amazing ideas.  I wish I had found her sooner!



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