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DIY Organizing Plans

Fully customized plans for or do-it-yourself clients who are motivated to get organized, but not sure where to start.

Each plan includes a 60-90 minute walkthrough to discuss goals, and take photos, measurements and inventory of the room/space. Based on the consultation, we provide a customized plan, including layout, shopping list and step-by-step instructions. Email support available for up to two weeks after final plan submittal.

Rates: $75 and up per space

Navy blue streamlined dining room

Room design plan (E-Design)

We give you the plan, guidance and resources to create a space tailored to your taste and budget. Each plan starts with a consultation: we come to your house to discuss needs, style and budget, and then take photos and detailed measurements. We email you two preliminary design concept boards to review. Based on your feedback, we create a final design board with layout, resource list (including organizing products if necessary) and step-by-step plan for you to implement. Email/phone support available for up to two weeks after final design submittal. See some examples of our design boards here.

Rates: $250 and up per room (depending on room size and complexity of the project)