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Eye-catching Cabinet Designs for Your Modern Kitchen

Kitchens are a centre of attraction in every house. This is the reason why most renovations start and end here. Since it is the most important part of our house, it is imperative that we use the space thoughtfully and try our best to keep it decluttered. 

However, there are times when storage becomes an issue in the kitchen and we have to bring in more cabinets to meet the storage crunch. In doing all this, we usually compromise the look of our kitchen space. Hence, in this article, we will highlight the best cabinet designs for you to pick this season.

Steel kitchen cabinets

This is for sure a show-stealer for any kitchen. Steel cabinets have gained popularity because of their affordability and convenience for the homeowners. There are also lesser hassles in maintaining them. The metal finishes on the cabinets look very sleek and stylish and can uplift any space, giving it a modern look and feel. One can pair these cabinets with vivid, bright and solid colours on the interiors.

Get simple pink pastel shades

If you want simplicity as well as elegance, go with neutral shades that are very much soothing to the eye. You can work with colours like browns, pinks and greens and other shades of it, which appear not only light, but are also very fresh. They can add quite a lot of character to your kitchen interiors as compared to the other colours. To bring in more earthiness to the space, you can get a few potted plants as well.

Be innovative and mix materials

If you are confused about what to bring in and what not, you can always go ahead and mix the materials. It is always a safe option. You can pair up different textures and materials and make the most out of your kitchen space. Go with blush-toned backsplashes or get natural and warm wooden hues of brick fittings that have a touch of rustic appeal in it. Apart from these, you can be really creative in spicing up the textures. You can pick stainless steel with white wooden cabinet to get a chic vibe. To give it an elegant appeal, pick multiple textures of wood and splash it up together.

When designing kitchen spaces, the possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as you want. This is where the cabinet series of armoires Entrepot Cuisine can help you get started the right way.

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