In honor of Valentine’s Day (and my favorite color), I decided to get in the spirit and do a quick roundup of some of our favorite products to use for organizing projects, all in some shade of pink. Most of them are kid-related, but I threw in some grown-up options too for the romantic at heart.

Plastic bins

1. Pink shopping tote
2. Iris storage boxes
3. Alphabet tote
4. Large flex tub
5. Weathertight storage boxes

Soft storage bins

1. Mini pompom canvas bin
2. Three Sprouts unicorn bin
3. Handled nesting bins
4. Striped cube storage bin
5. Fringed basket

Closet storage

1. Shoe box with pink lid
2. Lined wooden closet organizer
3. Pink polka dot hangers
4. Suede stackable jewelry trays
5. Acrylic makeup and jewelry organizer

Desk organization

  1. Pink 5-drawer cabinet
    2. Pink lemonade 4-drawer unit
    3. Neon acrylic accessory trays
    4. Document boxes
    5. sticky note set

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