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Bespoke organizing services

The Edited House in-person service is our primary offering for a fully customized home makeover. Our packages are designed to help clients make the most of their homes by discovering what's working and what's not working in each room and carrying out a plan to enhance their lifestyle.

Our organizers work with you to declutter, relocate and arrange your belongings, simplify and streamline your spaces, and recommend organizing products and decor.

DIY Organizing Plans

Our DIY plans are designed for clients who are ready to tackle an unorganized space (or spaces!) on their own with some detailed guidance from us. Because all work is done online and through email, this service is available to anyone in the U.S., even outside our normal service area.


Design services

By stripping things back to the essential, we can help you reinvent and redesign your space to create simpler and more refined spaces that reflect the way you want to live in your home. We work with you to get rid of excess and dated furniture and decor, enhance and highlight the items that are important to you and carefully choose new pieces that work in the space. When needed, we can also declutter and add organizational systems and storage.

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