Favorites: Kids’ Desk Lamps

Now that we're a month or so into the school year and your kids (hopefully) have a clear and organized surface to do homework, it's a good time to make sure that they have adequate task lighting too. The more easily you can read something, the easier it is to learn. And having cute lighting that enhances their bedroom decor or might even look good in your living room just makes everything better. Whether it's a dedicated desk or table in the bedroom or playroom, or your kids prefer to work out in a family space, these are some of our favorite options to bring in a little form and function to the homework grind.
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For younger kids, this red desk lamp adds a great pop of color to a room, is adjustable for different heights and turns off and on with a touch sensor. I love this silver lamp because it clips on to a desk, table or shelf  to be used where it's most needed. This rope lamp would be super cute in a nautical-themed bedroom.
For a simple, streamlined look in a teen room, I love this ceramic and wood lamp, and this white lamp adds a modern touch at a very affordable price. A touch of gold in a single adjustable lamp or double headed task lamp can add some minimalist glam to any room.
And for those with kids who like to do their homework out in a living space, what better excuse to add this gorgeous midcentury-inspired lamp or splurge on a beautiful, showstopping statement piece like this black table lamp.


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