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Top technology: how to use acrow props to make an opening

Acrow props are essential construction technology. These support systems have been the industry standard since the 1930s for their safety and reliability. They are durable and incredibly versatile, as well as easy-to-use on any worksite.

So, how do you use this top technology to make or change an opening?

Let’s find out below:

How to use them for making an opening

The best acrow props for sale Melbourne has can be used like so:

  1. Measure and mark exactly what you seek to remove. If the wall is made of brick then simply mark the mortar line two courses of bricks up from your new opening’s outline. This is exactly where you want to install the strongboy brackets.

  2. Find the earlier marked mortar line. Measure and mark the spot where you will place the strongboy brackets. An architect or engineer can assist with spacing, just be sure to measure the strongboy blade’s half-width. Use this measurement to create new markings on each side of the pre-existing marking points. This should provide you with a complete blade width and a central propping point from which to work.

  3. Next, use a drill to take out any joint mortar. Use your markings as a guide when completing this step. Don’t leave any remaining mortar, as this can negatively affect the props capabilities when it comes to securing weight. Ensure the mortar line depth is enough for a blade. If there is a narrow depth, you may have to remove the below bricks or some extra material to ensure it works.

  4. Attach your strongboy brackets to the prop tops. Next, ensure they are properly attached by pulling on the blade’s front. You should ensure there is no movement in this step.

  5. Place the unit in front of its installation position. Adjust the height before placing the pin directly through the holes on the inner tube’s sides.

  6. Position your units. Be sure to push the strongboy bracket blades into the mortar gaps you produced before. Ensure your blades are inserted until the handle body is connected to the wall surface. What’s more, the blade’s top should be engaged with the brickwork’s underside as this provides optimal support. Next, grab your spirit level to ensure that each unit is completely vertical.

  7. Close the collars until they are tightly wound. If you are enlisting multiple units, be sure to brace them together for optimal support.

  8.  If you need to support beams, formwork, lintels or something different, be sure to mark the positions where you need to install some units for even weight distribution. Finally, adjust their heights so that they are completely engaged with the materials. Check that each unit is fully vertical and you are good to go!

What other applications do they have?

These awesome instruments come with a range of applications, including:

Safety standards

Of course, proper safety standards must be adhered to when installing Acrow props. Standards include:

So, whilst it’s something that seems simple enough, it is always good to ensure you are following the correct procedures to avoid any future problems!

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