After Disaster Board Up Services

In the wake of a disaster, whether it be a devastating fire or the fury of a natural calamity, safeguarding your home becomes an urgent priority. Amidst the chaos of ensuring your family’s safety and grappling with the aftermath, the importance of securing your property is often overlooked.

Engaging a professional board-up service promptly after a disaster strikes is a crucial step in protecting your home from various hazards that may arise in its vulnerable state.

Why is it necessary?

Insurance Compliance

In the aftermath of a disaster, your insurance company will expect proactive measures to be taken to safeguard your property from further damage. Boarding up your home is essential to mitigate any potential liabilities. Many insurance policies cover the cost of board-up services, making it imperative to either coordinate with your emergency board-up provider for direct billing or retain receipts for reimbursement.

Preventing Vandalism and Theft

Vacant homes are prime targets for vandalism and theft. Securing all potential entry points by boarding up doors and windows is critical to deter intruders. Additionally, informing local authorities about the damages and the vacant status of your home can help in deterring criminal activity.

Protection Against the Elements

Preventing further damage from weather events or flooding is paramount. By securing the roof and boarding up windows and doors, you can protect your home from wind and water damage, thus minimizing the extent of the devastation caused by the disaster.

What’s Included in the Package?

Comprehensive Board-Up Services

Professional board-up services encompass a thorough assessment and securing of your home to fortify it against intruders and adverse weather conditions. This typically involves boarding up all doors and windows using plywood and 2x4s, secured with bolts and nails. Additionally, providers may assess and secure any other vulnerable points of entry. If your roof has sustained damage, a tarp may be applied to prevent further weather-related damage.

If your home has recently suffered from a natural disaster or fire, leaving it vulnerable to trespassers and further damage, Best Board Up is here to assist. We offer emergency board-up services aimed at promptly securing your property and minimizing the risk of additional harm.

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