Recommendations from Experts on Purchasing an Office Earthquake Kit

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Since several people in an office may occupy the same safe room during an earthquake, it would be wasteful and expensive to mandate that everyone keep their own individual earthquake kit at all times. An earthquake kit is useless in this situation. Planning ahead and organising the procurement of earthquake emergency kits for the office can help keep everyone safe.

The contents of an office earthquake kit may include food and water for multiple people, or they may only include the bare necessities that everyone will need to survive, such as sanitation supplies in place of plumbing, light sources (both flashlights and chemical light sticks), and radios. If one is going to the trouble of organising everything else, then they should also make sure that everyone has enough to eat and drink, and that it is only available in the event of an emergency. In the case that someone has been eating or acting irresponsibly, this prevents fear and ration shortages in the future.

A person’s home environment is vastly different from their workplace environment from a survival perspective. It’s possible that when the lights are on, workers in an office or factory won’t think twice about navigating the stairwells, operating the heavy machinery, or walking on the uneven floor. If the lights go out, though, some of these dangers may be invisible. Battery-powered emergency lights are common in many workplaces, however they often burn out after only twenty-four hours and don’t provide nearly enough light for safety purposes.

Chemical light sticks

In order to keep people from becoming wounded by mistake, it is recommended that you carry around a supply of chemical light sticks that last for at least twelve hours. As is typically the case, a little of preparation can pay huge dividends. If you know the approximate locations of the windows and any potentially hazardous footing in the dark, you should stock up on at least three or six times as many glow sticks as you think you’ll need. To further brighten the area and facilitate movement, several flashlights and individual chemical lights will be required for each group.

It takes a lot of time and planning to put together an office earthquake kit for the whole staff. Fortunately, there are many different types of pre-assembled earthquake kits available on the market that may be modified to fit a wide range of settings and workforces. Making ensuring that everyone in the office is looked after for the full duration of their three-day stay need not be a hassle as long as everyone is familiar with the emergency plan. Most of the time, buying a pre-assembled earthquake kit is the most economical option because of the time and money it saves.

A note on the quantity of storage space:

Companies have found the components that require the least amount of space, and they have also done the necessary research into disaster preparation to determine which options will be most effective in the event of an emergency. Because of this, commercially available earthquake kits tend to be more compact and easier to store than those produced at home.

Each division should have its own kit or kits, and you should pick one that includes enough of everything to accommodate the number of individuals who would seek shelter in that division. Every member of staff in every division must have access to sufficient food and water, first aid kits, sanitary facilities, and other survival items in order to make it through the whole 72 hours.

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